Common project with Shopping centre "Domina Shopping"

Common project with Shopping centre "Domina Shopping"

WHAT?                Unique offer at the shopping centre Domina - Kidding Curiosity Club

WHERE?             Shopping centre Domina, Riga

WHEN?               The start of the project - September of 2015

FOR WHO?         For two years from the begining of the project there were about 3000 participants.

WHY?              The project was made in collaboration with some main purposes. One of them is to attract families with children to                              shopping mall's services, but the most important thing is to give children the opportunity to develop some research skills,                      as well as to spend the weekend with their parents usefully and lively.



Kidding Club of Curiosity - the project, which exists almost two years in collaboration with Shine Events agency. Every time we make new unique science shows, which surprise both - the children and the adults. Same is for our thematic labaratories and workshops, there children can experiment and learn a lot interesting. It is not only attracting a lot of families visit the shopping centre these days, but also increases the interest of the young in science. This collaboration has already approved itself as long-termed - at the moment there have already been 8 science festivals like this. This is important for us because it shows we achieve our goals again and again.




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