Cooperation with European educational project eTwinning

Cooperation with European educational project eTwinning

WHAT?                 Collaboration with international educational project eTwinning

WHERE?               Schools - project finalists from all Latvia

WHEN?                 November - December of 2016 and 2018

FOR WHO?           Science shows as a gift for scools-finalistts of the project eTwinning

WHY?                   The motivation to explore the world and to further personal development of children in Latvia



It is an honour for us that we have been chosen as a gift for schools-finalists in this projects already twice. We hope that we did more than enough to motivate children to self-develop even more and to not stop on the achieved. At every school our show ended with loud applauses and expressions of delight. A lot of student has came after show and asked for experiments' details. Students of Primary School in Dobele said that they can not wait until the year, when they also will have physics and chemestry lessons, but the teacher of School in Skujene said, that their school have never heard such applauses. Project coordinator Kristaps Auzans reveals, that shows went just exellent: "We are fully satisfied with our choice for schools' gift. This helped educate a lot of students fascinatingly, giving them the opportunity feeling proud of themselves and of the work they have done. Participating in such projects shows a good example for other students, but we are happy to make this project noticeable!"




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